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Numerous factors contribute to a website's ranking when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. Among such factors, the most prevalent and essential are on-page SEO, inbound links, and keyword density. Besides that, another element that might affect a website's ranking that is frequently disregarded by SEOs and webmasters that is the Domain Age.

The time period or the number of years a domain has been certified with a particular registrar is known as its domain age. Having an older domain matter, especially when establishing credibility online; however, no single factor determines how impactful a website will become predicated on its domain age. 

Although having a website that has been around for longer can give you an advantage, it may not be the only factor influencing a user's choice of which site to visit. In other words, your website's visitors may assume that older sites have been around for a while.

Qualitative backlinking is one of the reasons why older domains perform better in Search engine optimization. Search engines examine backlinks and consider the dominant site, as well as whether or not that dominant site is credible.

To determine where they should place their advertising orders, companies themselves also use tools like domain age checkers and Alexa Rank Checkers. The most successful companies will have been around the longest and be more financially stable. 

Compared to those who have only recently published, the old websites have almost certainly received more internet hits. Internet search engines also rank domains with an extended online history higher on the page.

Rank Sol's Domain Age Checker is one of the best online free tools where you don't even need to create an account to pay anything. To use this tool, just enter the URL and submit it. It will fetch the Domain name, domain age, domain created date, domain updated age, and Domain expiry date and show the results.

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