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The number of times a keyword appears on a webpage is defined as Keyword Density. Keyword density is essential for your page to rank correctly in the search results, regardless of whether you add a new page to your website or write a blog post.

You should regularly test your pages to understand your ideal keyword density better. You shouldn't just presume that your Google keyword density will be effective every time you update a page. To achieve the perfect keyword density for your page, it is crucial to evaluate your keyword usage.

Checking the keyword density of your website's keywords can be a long and time-taking process, and no one has that much time. Keyword Density Checkers are used for this purpose.

Excessive usage of keywords on a webpage is known as keyword stuffing. To boost a webpage's ranking for a particular keyword, people sometimes try to fit as many keywords as possible into a webpage. 

If you overuse a keyword on your website to boost your website's rankings, Google will penalize you. This method is a black hat SEO strategy that violates Google's guidelines. Test your ideal keyword density to prevent keyword stuffing from harming your ranking in the search results.

Rank Sol's Keyword Density Checker checks the total number of keywords on your website, their count (how many times it has been used), and the keyword density in percentage and generates a list. Usually, the keyword density percentage is below 3%. If you exceed this percentage, it is included in Keyword Stuffing. 

Our Keyword Density Checker is 100% free, and you don't even have to create or login into any account.

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