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Everyone's lives now revolve around the internet in some way. In the Search Engine Result Pages, people can find most of their questions and various services and goods. Nowadays, security has become a severe issue because of different malware. People often think before opening any webpage because of these security issues

People will reduce their use of the internet if websites become infected with viruses, which is one of today's significant causes of computer viruses. We typically install antivirus software on computers to stop viruses from harming files. Similarly, you can find out which part of your website is malicious using the Google Malware check tool.

Malware is an abbreviation for Malicious Software, and this software can steal data by privately accessing a device without the user's knowledge. If your computer runs slower than usual, this is an indication that it has been infected with malware. Additionally, your browser will frequently crash, and there will be pop-up ads and spam. 

Malware also affects the SEO of your website. When a web page is infected with malware, its appearance typically changes as the first thing that happens. Defacers use a technique to alter the appearance of a page or website by breaking into the servers and substituting the files.

Along with changing the way it looks, it also prevents existing users from accessing their information. It appears as though a brand-new website has just been installed on the host. This thing affects the ranking of your website.

Malware comes in various forms, including rootkits, adware, spyware, phishing, viruses, worms, and trojan horses. It can also be in the form of adware, spyware, phishing, or ransomware. Using a robust and top website Malware Scanner is the best option if you want to check a URL for malware just in case you become infected.

To assist you in finding malware on every website you visit, including your website, we created a unique online malware scan tool called the Rank Sol Google Malware Checker. With the help of intelligent malware detection software, this online malware scan can quickly find viruses and malicious scripts on various web pages. It is an online tool that uses the cloud to give users a report on threats to web security.

To use this Free Malware Checker, you need to enter the URL of the website you want to check for malware and then click on Submit. It will open a new window that will show the google Transparency Report. If the URL you entered is safe, it will show the message "No unsafe content was found."

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